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 Sunday's Sermon


March 4, 2018


Scripture Reading:  Psalm 19

Sermon Text: John 2: 13-22


 Death of the Church


Rev. Reuben E. Lashley







 Pastor Lashley

A parishioner once told me “The life I have lived is not the one I planned for myself, but it was even better than I imagined.”  I loved the beauty of those words.  So often in life we all, myself included, want to know about what comes next.  The reality is; when it comes to tomorrow…none of us fully knows what the day will bring. 

Here at Forest Hills, we know that the “tomorrow’s” Hthat we face will bring periods of joy, pain, laughter, and sadness.  However, we also believe that those moments are all made better when lived in community.  When we share our lives, our moments of gladness are multiplied by the laughter we share, and our moments of failure are shared by those that gather around to pick us up.

We live this way because we seek to embody the person of Jesus, who came to demonstrate the way we are to live.  We follow Christ as the moral example that God desires for us to be.

If you are ever in the area feel free to stop by; join with us in worship, share a cup of coffee, tell your story, and grow with us as we strive to share hope, faith, and love and illuminate the darkness.


Rev. Reuben E Lashley





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